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June 26th, 2015
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A New Tool to Diagnose Tuberculosis:The Xpert MTB/RIF - CDC
The Xpert MTB/RIF assay is a new test that is revolutionizing tuberculosis (TB) control by contributing to the rapid diagnosis of TB disease and drug resistance. ... The Xpert MTB/RIF assay is a nucleic acid amplification (NAA) test that uses a ... who are found to NOT have TB disease, rapid results from the Xpert MTB/RIF.

Xpert MTB/RIF - World Health Organization
In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use. ... REGISTRATION OF TB CASES DIAGNOSED USING XPERT MTB/ RIF. 21. 7. ..... use of Xpert MTB/RIF to detect pulmonary TB and .... initial diagnostic test in children suspected of having MDR-TB or HIV-associated TB ( strong.

Xpert MTB/RIF - World Health Organization
rapid test should be used as the initial diagnostic test in individuals suspected of MDR-TB or ... The new rapid TB test – known as Xpert MTB/RIF- is a fully- ... new Xpert MTB/RIF test is rapid, fully-automated and therefore not as susceptible to.

Tuberculosis Diagnosis Xpert MTB/Rif - PAHO WHO
Xpert MTB/Rif®. Xpert MTB/Rif®: New technology to diagnose TB and rifampicin resistance ... PAHO/WHO recommendations for Xpert MTB/Rif® use for the programmatic management of ... with suspected abnormalities (without risk of MDR-TB ...

Xpert MTB-RIF ENGLISH Package Insert 301-1404 Rev B - Cepheid
diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis when used in conjunction with clinical and other ... An Xpert MTB/RIF Assay result of “MTB NOT DETECTED” from either one or two sputum ... All patients in healthcare facilities with suspected TB should be.

How Rapidly to Evaluate for TB Disease in Low Prevalence Settings
Mar 10, 2016 ... not altered or transformed in any way, and that the work is properly cited. ... These tests, such as the Xpert MTB/Rif®, which can detect TB and ... current and newly available tests for the detection of active TB disease, and their usage in low- ... available TB diagnostic test (e.g. smear-microscopy, NAAT, ...

2016 Advisory #17: Use of Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF® assay in
Jun 30, 2016 ... Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF® (Xpert) should not to be used alone to rule out tuberculosis (TB). • Xpert should not ... suspected to have infectious pulmonary TB. The purpose of ... Diagnosis of TB is highly likely. Continue. AII until ...

Consensus statement on the use of Cepheid Xpert MTB/RIF®assay
TB; Xpert negative or acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear-negative sputum may contain viable ... n Furthermore, NAA testing should not be used to monitor response to treatment ... the use of Xpert in making decisions to discontinue A.I.I. for suspected ...

Rapid Implementation of the Xpert MTB/RIF - Challenge TB
Apr 19, 2011 ... Management of persons living with HIV and suspected of having TB. ... Registration of TB cases diagnosed using Xpert MTB/RIF . ..... When Xpert MTB/ RIF results were not used to direct therapy, smear-negative TB patients.

the use of the xpert mtb/rif assay for the detection of pulmonary and
individuals suspected of MDR or HIV-associated TB (strong recommendation, moderate quality of ... Xpert MTB/RIF for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB in adults ... participants), while for people without HIV infection, pooled sensitivity was 86%  ...
Xpert Meeting Report 24102013 Pre publication FINAL.pdf

Laboratory Considerations for Use of Cepheid Xpert® MTB/RIF Assay
Xpert® MTB/RIF assay into existing TB testing practices. Laboratory Considerations ... pulmonary TB co-infection may be suspected, are available at: ... A negative NAA test result does not exclude the possibility of a positive culture. • A positive ...

Xpert MTB/RIF increases timely TB detection among people living
used as an initial diagnostic test in patients suspected of having HIV- associated TB. ... Xpert MTB/RIF improved the quality of rapid TB diagnosis among. PLHIV by .... If the evaluation shows no TB, people living with HIV should be offered IPT.
Xpert & TB-HIV Information Note_final.pdf

Use of Xpert MTB RIF to diagnose TB in children - Mark Nicol.pdf
Xpert MTB/RIF for the diagnosis of TB in children. • Prospective study enrolling children with suspected TB at two hospitals ... 122 without culture & Xpert. 15 both ...
Use of Xpert MTB RIF to diagnose TB in children - Mark Nicol.pdf

Xpert® MTB/RIF - Evidence-Based tuberculosis Diagnosis
The Xpert MTB/RIF assay uses 3 specific primers and 5 unique molecular probes to ensure a .... Do not open a cartridge until you are ready to perform testing. ..... study participants were MDR suspects with a smear positivity rate of about 30%.

Xpert MTB/RIF for diagnosis of tuberculosis and drug-resistant
Dec 20, 2012 ... ABSTRACT Xpert MTB/RIF is a rapid test to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) and ... Use of Xpert for diagnosis of MDR-TB and TB in HIV-positive people is ... resistant (MDR)-TB, and those living with HIV who are suspected of having TB [ 11]. ... diagnosis from the perspective of the health system and does not ...

Tuberculosis case detection revisited: better testing might not
Aug 3, 2015 ... Diagnosis of tuberculosis in high-endemic low-income areas has been, and still is, a challenge. ... guidelines encourage use of Xpert MTB/RIF for all people with suspected tuberculosis.3. In The Lancet Global Health, Gavin ...

evidence, policy making and global implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF
Nov 22, 2012 ... Xpert MTB/RIF in today's TB diagnostic landscape and describe its additional ... and molecular line probe assays for rapid detection of MDR-TB have not .... Formal WHO policy recommendations on the use of Xpert MTB/RIF issued .... as the initial diagnostic test in individuals suspected of having MDR-TB or ...

Lessells, RJ (2015) Impact of the Xpert MTB/RIF tuberculosis di
Usage Guidelines .... DR-TB suspects not yet receiving but eligible for ART. 160 ... 6.1 Diagnostic performance of Xpert MTB/RIF for detection of M. tuberculosis.

NAAT Guidelines - CT.gov
recommendations on the use of NAA tests for the diagnosis of TB (1). ... NAA testing should become standard practice for moderate to high TB suspects. ... patient with signs/symptoms of pulmonary TB but for whom the diagnosis has not been ... for incorporation of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay into tuberculosis diagnostic  ...

Results from early programmatic implementation of Xpert MTB/RIF
All projects used MTB/RIF testing for people with suspected TB, as opposed to ... is not representative of all early implementer experiences with MTB/RIF testing ...

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