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June 5th, 2016
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Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows - Digidesign Support
Apr 1, 2005 ... Ctrl+Shift+N (for more information, see “New Tracks .... Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Pro Tools 6.9. 10. Fades. Trim right edge of region to ...
Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf

Shortcut Keys and Hot Keys: ZoomText 10 Magnifier/Reader
Shortcut Keys and Hot Keys: ZoomText 10 Magnifier/Reader ... SHIFT ENTER or CTRL LEFT: Previous Item. • CTRL HOME: ... CTRL WINDOWS ENTER: On/Off.

keyboard shortcuts for lync 2010 - Library
Windows logo key+Q Open main user interface when Lync 2010 is minimized. ... Ctrl+Enter. Call the selected contact. Shift+Delete. Remove the selected contact ...

excel-specific keyboard shortcuts - Stanford University
ALT+ENTER ... FORMAT CELLS. CTRL + 1. General number format. CTRL + SHIFT + ~ ... F10. Activate menu bar. F11. Creates chart sheet. F12. Save as. ALT + F8 ... shortcuts →

IntelliJ IDEA Default Keymap IntelliJ IDEA Default - JetBrains
Shift + F9. Debug. Ctrl + Shift + F10. Run context configuration from editor. Debugging. F8 ... Hide active or last active window. Ctrl + Shift + F4. Close active run/messages/find/... tab. Ctrl + G. Go to line. Ctrl + E ... F4 / Ctrl + Enter. Edit source ...

default keymap - JetBrains
To find any action inside the IDE use Find Action ( Ctrl + Shift + A ). Refactoring ... Shift + F9. Debug. Alt + Shift + F10. Select configuration and run. Alt + Shift + F9.

default keymap - JetBrains
Shift + F9. Debug. Ctrl + Shift + F10. Run context configuration from editor. Ctrl + Alt + R ... Hide active or last active window. Ctrl + Shift + F4. Close active run/ messages/find/... tab. Ctrl + G. Go to line. Ctrl + E ... Ctrl + Enter. View source.

Keyboard Shortcuts
<Ctrl>A <Shift>Arrows <Ctrl>Shift + Arrow <Shitt> Down Arrow .... excelexe under “Microsoft Office”). 8. Enter to activate “OK” ' I. 9. Enter to activate “next”. 10.

Windows 8_1.pdf
Windows logo key +Ctrl+Tab Cycle through recently used apps (except desktop apps) ... Alt+Enter. Display properties for the selected item. Alt+Spacebar. Open the ... Turn the Chinese input method editor (IME) on or off. Shift+F10. Display the  ...
Windows 8_1.pdf

Keystrokes - Freedom Scientific
CTRL+T. Open a New Tab from the. Address Bar. ALT+ENTER (on address ... SHIFT+T. Select Table. F8. Next Row. WINDOWS KEY+ALT+DOWN ... Page 10 ...

Outlook 2010 Shortcuts
Outlook 2010 Shortcuts. Platform: Windows/English. Main Outlook ... alt+enter. Show email properties ctrl+shift+s. Post to folder ctrl+shift+y. Copy item to folder.

JMP 10 Quick Reference Card
10. Quick Reference. Windows and Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts. Data Table ... RETURN on keyboard and ENTER on keypad selects the ... New Script Window. CTRL + T. SHIFT + ⌘ + N. New Journal. CTRL + SHIFT + J. OPTION + ⌘ + N.

Microsoft Excel 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts - Shortcutmania
CTRL+Shift+F6. Switch to the previous workbook window. CTRL+F7. When a workbook ... Use the arrow keys to resize the window, and when finished press ENTER. CTRL+F9 ... To display a toolbar, press ALT and then SHIFT+F10.) is active ...

ZoomText Hotkeys - Accessing Higher Ground
CTRL + SHIFT + NUMPAD 5. Say Next Paragraph. CTRL + ... Commands. Keys. On/Off. CTRL + WINDOWS + ENTER ... Load Configuration 10. ALT + SHIFT + 0.
ZoomText Hotkeys.pdf

Highlights of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates
Ctrl-Shift-F/H. Find/replace in projects. Alt-Shift-U. Find usages results. Alt-Shift-H ... Ctrl-Shift-F4. Close all windows. Shift-F10. Open contextual menu. Alt-Shift-D.

Highlights of NetBeans IDE 8.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates
Alt-Shift-H. Turn off search result highlights. Ctrl-R. Rename. Ctrl-U, then U ... Ctrl- Shift-F4. Close all windows. Shift-F10. Open contextual menu. Ctrl-PgUp /.

LINEST in Excel The Excel spreadsheet function "linest" is a
Array functions are functions that while entered into a single spreadsheet cell produce results that fill several cells. ... window shown below will appear. On your ... On the PC hold down the “Ctrl” and “Shift” keys and press “Enter.” Excel .... and pasted into. Word documents. LINEST Tutorial Plot. 0. 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 0. 2.

Sound Forge Pro 11 Keyboard Commands - Sony Creative Software
Alt+Enter. Close the active data window. Ctrl+W. Exit Sound Forge. Alt+F4 ... Ctrl+ Shift+F6. Maximize all data windows. Ctrl+F10. Maximize the Sound Forge ...

InDesign CS4 shortcuts, Windows - Gilbert Consulting
InDesign CS4 Default Shortcuts—Windows. 1 ... ctrl-shift-T. Insert Break Character: Column Break num pad enter. Insert Break Character: ... ctrl-shift-F10. Info. F8.

InDesign CS6 - Diane Burns
(add Control to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5) ... Ctrl-Alt-Q. ADJUST BASELINE SHIFT. Move Up by Increment (set in Preferences) ... Move by Increment x 1/10 . .... Enter (on keypad) .... Useful Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows.

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