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October 9th, 2015
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Galilean Moons of Jupiter - JPL - NASA
apparently discovered them around the same time. ... Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. ... Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system (larger than.

Showman and Malhotra - Division of Geological and Planetary
moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto over the past few years. Particularly ... discovery of tenuous oxygen atmospheres at Europa and Ganymede and a.

Apr 29, 2013 ... Ganymede. John Lazarz. Earth 450 ... Ganymede. 2,631. 0.41 .... Kivelson M.G. et al., (1996) Discovery of Ganymede's magnetic field by the.

The origin of Ganymede's polar caps UCLA Institute of Geophysics
Aug 7, 2006 ... Since their discovery in Voyager images, the origin of the bright polar caps of Ganymede has intrigued investigators. Some models attributed ...

The Ganymede Hypothesis - Cosmos in Collision
planet; Ganymede is shown to be the remains of what would have been a perfect world for Elaine .... With gas-giant exoplanets now regularly discovered.

The magnetic field and magnetosphere of Ganymede
Sep 1, 1997 ... Within Jupiter's magnetosphere, Ganymede's 152 km/s km/s (below the ..... G. Schubert, Discovery of Ganymede's magnetic field by the.

Ganymede: A new radio source - Wiley Online Library
Sep 1, 1997 ... been found to be a source of radio emissions, although the strong influence of Io in ... with Ganymede [Gurnett et al., 1996; Kivelson et al., 1996].

The moons of the outer planets Last lecture we explored Mars
Galileo, who discovered the big moons, called them the “Medicean satellites” ... Jupiter once every 1.77 days; Europa every 3.55 days; and Ganymede every.

Control of Jovian Radio Emission by Ganymede - UIowa Radio and
Dec 1, 1998 ... The purpose of this paper is to report the discovery of control of a portion of the DAM radio emission by Ganymede. The Voyager missions ...

Ganymede's ozone-like absorber - Laboratory for Atmospheric and
newly discovered magnetosphere [Kivelson e! al., 1996] and to the oxygen chemistry ... 1987]: Ganymede's trailing hemisphere was found to have an absorber ...
Ganymede Ozone, Hendrix et al, JGR,1999.pdf

NOTE: Polar "Caps" on Ganymede and lo Revisited
surface of Ganymede to become light scattering (brighten) due to the diation of these surfaces. The recent discovery of an intrinsic damage produced in ...

Subject and Technique in Hellenistic-Roman Mosaics: A Ganymede
ing mosaics was discovered in a dwelling at the southwest end of the eastern hill over- looking the ... the mosaics from the House of Ganymede at Morgantina.

The Ganymede Interior Structure, and Magnetosphere Observer
The Ganymede Interior Structure, and Magnetosphere Observer (GISMO) Mission Concept K. L. Lynch1 ... including the discovery of an intrinsic magnetic field.

Link to Publication - ESA Science & Technology
Characterise Ganymede, Europa and Callisto as planetary objects and ... their discovery four centuries ago. ... Ganymede and ancient Callisto, and raised the.

Aurora on Ganymede - University of Michigan
May 17, 2013 ... to the Jupiter system was the discovery of an intrinsic mag- netic field ... revealed unambiguous polar auroral emission from Ganymede.

Dark Terrain on Ganymede: Geological Mapping and Interpretation
found on furrow and crater floors. We also find high albedo. During its first two encounters with Ganymede, the Galileo units which include crater rims, furrow ...

A Dust Cloud of Ganymede Maintained by Hypervelocity Impacts of
particles in the dust cloud surrounding Ganymede by their impact direction, impact velocity, and mass ..... Interestingly, the flattest slopes have been found for the.

Galilean Moons of Jupiter
lish his observations and so Galileo is given the credit for their discovery. These large moons, named Io, Europa, Ganymede, and. Callisto, are each distinctive ...

Instrumentation for the search for habitable ecosystems in the - ICTP
Feb 12, 2010 ... Mission discovered these patches, which were subsequently ... penetrators for the survey of the surfaces of both Europa and Ganymede.

Forming Ganymede's grooves at smaller strain: Toward a self
Jan 3, 2014 ... of groove terrain formation to develop a strain history for Ganymede that is .... found that Ganymede's surface was too warm to permit sufficient ...

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