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October 17th, 2015
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Felsic/Mafic - Miami University
Because of such dif- ferences, rocks formed from felsic and mafic magmas have ... diagram will indicate the minerals present (in relative amounts proportional to ...
WTTW Felsic & Mafic.pdf

The IUGS systematics of igneous rocks - The University of Texas at
semblage as the prime means for defining different rocks. Lacroix included rock ..... although ultramafic rocks and foidal rocks still did not fit. Most of the fields ...

5.0 Deposits related to felsic to intermediate porphyritic igneous rocks
Intrusive rocks in porphyry copper provinces are generally intermediate to felsic in composition, ... Nevertheless, many porphyry deposits do have associated skarn-style mineralization, and .... The mean number of expected deposits is 1.3.

6.0 Deposits related to felsic to intermediate extrusive rocks
Deposits related to felsic to intermediate extrusive rocks in Afghanistan are ..... In the northeastern part of mercury mineral belt the occurrences generally do not .... Hot-spring Hg deposits (model 27a, Rytuba, 1986a; mean tonnage 0.0095, ...

Petrogenetic evolution of the felsic and mafic volcanic suite in the
Chemical characteristics and petrogenetic modelling indicate that the dacites were ...... New isotopic data from mafic and felsic volcanics will lead to better ...

Download Sample pages 1 PDF - Springer
it will be, what minerals will form in it, and their grain sizes and ... ultramafic magma ¼ komatiite magma; mafic magma. ¼ basaltic ...... mean temperature by 1 .

Igneous Rocks - West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
But, it does mean ignoring some material and extreme simplification of some very ...... Notice that the more felsic rocks and minerals occur at lower and lower ...

What does 'igneous' mean? • Composition ... The mantle is peridotite (ultramafic). ... Ultramafic. • Mafic. • Intermediate. • Silicic (felsic). • Volcanic. Rock Name.

uranium and thorium in selected suites of igneous - Yale University
The Th/U ratios remain fairly constant from the mafic to the felsic members of each series here .... Th/U ratios show less dispersion; the mean Th/U ratio of the analyzed rocks ..... are needed, however, before any firm conclusions can be drawn.

Geology and geochemistry of mafic to felsic plutonic rocks - MyWeb
topic compositions of the mafic and felsic rocks are similar; the ... al., 1981) indicate an eastward shift in the lo- ... composition and texture, these features do not.

Cordierite in felsic igneous rocks: a synthesis - Mineralogical Society
Spatial and textural information indicate that cordierite may originate in one of three principal ways in felsic ..... of cordierite can occur in association with a felsic .

class outline - WordPress.com
I can describe how mafic magma differs from felsic magma. 2. I can explain three ... What do geologists mean when they use the term. “texture” in descriptions of ...

SETTING: Where did metamorphism occur? What was its .... Can have many protoliths (pelitic, felsic volcanic common). • No compositional meaning to hornfels.

Ascent of felsic magmas and formation of rapakivi - Mineralogical
was undertaken to determine whether decompression can induce the formation of the common ... been undertaken by numerous workers and indicate sev-.

Igneous zircon - GEMOC ARC National Key Centre - Macquarie
2,000 ppm in zircons from mafic rocks, and can reach per cent levels in zircons from ... This low saturation level means that any felsic, non- peralkaline magma is  ...
269 Belousova.pdf

What this means in igneous magmas is that, if there is enough silica in the melt, ... enough silica to form pyroxene, then the reaction will not occur and olivine will ...

Geology Lab: The Properties of Minerals & Igneous
(If you're not sure what coarse-grained and fine-grained mean check ... Explain why you can't use color to determine if obsidian is mafic or felsic (if you need hint  ...
G101-L2-Min&IgRocksS12- 5p.pdf

The Petrogenesis of Felsic Calc-alkaline Magmas from the
that indicate interaction with the upper crust. Mineralogical and ... composite centers in the southernmost Cascades can serve as the ters to constrain their ... KEY WORDS: Cascade arc; felsic magma; lower crust; partial melting. ∗Present ...

Latestage magma flow in a shallow felsic reservoir: Merging the
present anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility data that indicate a magnetic fabric that is ... magnetic fabrics within plutons do not coincide with regional host rock ...

Standard PDF - Wiley Online Library
gneiss), and felsic rocks (granite, diorite, felsic gneiss, intermediate gneiss, and metasediments) are .... The physical meaning of l can be clearly illustrated in a ...

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