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April 22nd, 2015
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Dielectric elastomer actuators with elastomeric electrodes
Aug 29, 2012 ... For many applications of dielectric elastomer actuators, it is desirable ... TABLE I. Mechanical properties of DE (VHB 4910) and CE (CB/PDMS).

On the Nature of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators and Its Implications
Dielectric Elastomer (DE) actuators have been studied extensively under ... Early assessments of ideal DE performance based on 3M's VHB 4905/4910 ...

Characteristics of dielectric elastomers and fabrication of dielectric
Fabrication and Analysis of New Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Design. 21 ..... project, 3M VHB 4910 acrylic tapes are the major material used as the dielectric ...

A novel dielectric elastomer actuator based on polyvinyl - arXiv.org
Keywords: dielectric elastomer, hydrogel electrode, maximum strain* ... A prototype of all-polymeric actuator was fabricated by using 3M VHB 4910 acrylate tape ...

Evaluation of Selected Dielectric Elastomers for use in an - ARAA
Apr 30, 2007 ... artificial muscle actuator based on dielectric elastomers must balance the need ... acrylic, 3M's VHB-4910, were chosen for further investigation.

Tunable lenses using transparent dielectric elastomer actuators
membrane, a dielectric elastomer actuator membrane, and a clear liquid. The focal length ..... (VHB 4910, 3M) biaxially pre-stretched with a linear strain of 300 %.
Tunable lenses using transparent dielectric elastomer actuators_2013.pdf

Rupture of a highly stretchable acrylic dielectric elastomer
May 29, 2012 ... Dielectric elastomer transducers are often subject to large tensile stretches and are ... This group has investigated rupture of pristine VHB 4910.

The static actuation of dielectric elastomer actuators - iMechanica
Oct 13, 2008 ... parameters of the Ogden model for the commonly used material VHB 4910, and introduce a more detailed and thus more accurate fit to a ...
The static actuation of dielectric elastomer actuators how does pre-stretch improve actuati.pdf

The thickness and stretch dependence of the - Semantic Scholar
Sep 21, 2012 ... The performance of dielectric elastomer actuators is limited by electrical breakdown. ... the other 1.0mm thick (VHB 4910) (both sheets have the.

On the Performance Mechanisms of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
Abstract: Dielectric Elastomer Actuators (DEAs) show promise for robotics and .... This study focuses on the VHB 4905/4910 elastomer from 3M as a reference.

Artificial Muscles of Dielectric Elastomers Attached to Artificial
elastomer as artificial muscle and functionalized carbon fibers as artificial tendons. A VHB 4910 tape is used as the dielectric elastomer and PDMS is used as ...
Ye, Zhihang.pdf?sequence=1

Study on mechanical and dielectric behavior of VHB 4910 for
on frequency and stretch dependent dielectric constant of VHB 4910 film. Copper tapes are implanted on two opposite sides of a stretched elastomer film and ...

A Batch-Fabricated Single-Layer Elastomeric - Purdue e-Pubs
Dielectric elastomeric actuators consist of a soft material. (polydimethylsiloxane ..... For example, 3M acrylic elastomers (such as VHB 4910 and VHB F-9473PC).

Frequency dependent dielectric and mechanical behavior of
Sep 15, 2009 ... adhesive films from 3M as the dielectric elastomer. VHB films support areal strains ... on prestrained VHB films (VHB 4910 and 4905) in the fre-.

Pulsed actuation avoids failure in dielectric elastomer artificial muscles
Keywords: dielectric elastomer; electrical breakdown; pulsed operation; leakage current ... DEAs with 300% biaxially prestretched VHB 4910 tape, it has been ...

Analysis of viscoelastic soft dielectric elastomer generators
Nov 14, 2014 ... Keywords — dielectric elastomer generator, electric circuit, electro- ... data reported in [38] for an acrylate elastomer VHB-4910 produced by 3M ...

Fault-Tolerant Dielectric Elastomer Actuators using Single-Walled
Jan 17, 2008 ... Certain dielectric elastomers such as the 3M VHB. 4910 acrylic adhesive films have exhibited electrically induced strains as high as 380% in ...

from ejournals.eu
Keywords: dielectric elastomers, electroactive polymers, smart materials .... An acrylic elastomer tape (VHB 4910) and graphite dust were used to build the ...

Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for A Portable Force - inspire
dielectric elastomer actuators are promising for a portable force feedback device. 1 Introduction .... acrylic dielectric elastomer film VHB 4910 [16] was used.

WorldWide ElectroActive Polymers - Nondestructive Evaluation and
blimp that was equipped with dielectric elastomer .... elastomer actuators”. He investigated circular actuators made of. VHB 4910 and he studied new constitutive ...

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