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March 19th, 2015
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subtracting counting numbers - The Math Learning Center
The operation of subtraction can either be viewed as the process of Btaking ... Mats. Strips Units. Base ten pieces can be used to illustrate both processes.

2: 12 Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
12 Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers .... fore, we exchange a mat for 10 strips to obtain 2 mats, 15 strips, and 12 units. Finally we are ...

Lesson 21: Subtraction of Fractions TEACHER MODELING
To determine the difference in shaded amounts of bars and write subtraction ... Fraction Bars, Capture mats, markers and "Fraction Number Line" (Lesson 14).

SUBTRACTION Step 1 Subtracting Fractions with - Fraction Bars
Capture mats, Fraction Bars, markers and students' "Fraction Number Line". Capture mat ... Write the subtraction equation for the difference of 1/2 and 2/6. 2.

IF/Then Intervention Menu
Deck of cards, tell me the number or add/subtract. • Find numbers ... Place Value mats. • Touch Math ... Make trains to demonstrate addition and subtraction facts.
if then intevention menu.pdf

Kindergarten Adding and Subtracting - NC Mathematics - home
Communicate their strategies used while solving addition and subtraction ... Whole class: tree work mats, counters, number cubes marked 1, 2 and 3, large.
Kindergarten Unit.pdf

Book 5 Teaching Addition, Subtraction, and Place Value - NZMaths
Key idea 4: Addition and subtraction problems that involve numbers up to ten can be ...... Lay the large number mat out in the middle of a group of students.

Addition & Subtraction Fact Strategies
Subtraction Strategies: .... different meanings of addition and subtraction to each other. ...... The top of the mat allows the student to use manipulatives to solve.

Teaching Place-Value Computation (Addition, Subtraction
Understand that in adding or subtracting three-digit numbers, add or subtract ... It is helpful to have a place value mat so students can organize the blocks.

Friendly Farm Math Activity Set - Learning Resources
math mats to create farm scenes. ... Set out all the math mats with the part-part- whole side ... Tell a subtraction story and have students place counters on the mat ...

Read an Excerpt (PDF) - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
well to teach addition and subtraction to students in prekindergarten–grade 2. A ..... at More4U provides templates for cage mats and guinea pig counters for ...

Mental Math – Grade 2 - Prince Edward Island
Developing the Concept With 2-Part Mats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 ... Mental Computation - Subtraction . ... Using “Think Addition” in Subtraction (Extension) .

View Sample Lesson - Core Focus on Math
To illustrate the Subtraction Property of Equality, look at this simple equation. ... step 2: On your equation mat, place a variable cube on one side with 4 chips.

Use Addition & Subtraction within 20 to Solve Word Problems - mdk12
Feb 22, 2013 ... A.1, Operations & Algebraic Thinking - Use Addition and Subtraction Within 20 to ..... laminate the part-part-total mats or place them in a sleeve.

Connecting Literature and Math Introduction Content Standards and
Demonstrating understanding of addition and subtraction. Benchmarks will be ... Collect 7 rubber ducks, an aquarium fish net and counting mats for the water.
clam - quack and count.pdf

Diller Math Stations viewing guide - Stenhouse Publishers
Appendix L: Caterpillar Counting Mats and Cards. 42. Moving into ..... tion and subtraction, and have teachers read this section in the corresponding chapter.

grade 2 • module 1 - EngageNY
Jun 25, 2013 ... Topic B: Mental Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Within 20 . ..... Templates such as place value charts, number bond mats, hundreds ...

Unit 5 - Georgia Standards
use concrete models, drawings and place value strategies to subtract multiples of 10 ..... which they collect unifix cubes and place them on place value mat. 1 st.

Place Value Activity Package - The Mathematics Shed
subtraction tasks involving tens and ones without using materials or .... money. 2– and 3– Digit Addition/Subtraction .... 1 000, 100 or 10 place value mats. 6, 20 ...

this sample lesson - Scholastic
mats and blueberry counters to practice addition and subtraction skills. 1. Give each child a copy of the Storing Blueberries math mat (page. 10). Each child will  ...

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