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April 7th, 2015
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The super-cycle lives: EM growth is key - Standard Chartered Bank
Nov 6, 2013 ... weight in world GDP was driving an economic super-cycle. ... US private-sector balance sheets have been largely fixed; Europe and Japan still .... reducing the risk of crisis; while household debt in China, India and ... For countries like China, where the labour force is ..... mainly led by technologies invented.

Fragility Of Interest-Based Debt Financing: Is It Worth Sustaining A
Jun 3, 2014 ... rate crisis or banking crisis – have been debt crises (Reinhart and Rogoff, 2009). .... Section III discusses the concept of complexity and the ..... of financial system we have built and seem to like”.4 It is under the ..... ECB, studied the last 40 years period of the debt super cycle in the Eurozone and found a.

Speech by Claudio Borio - Bank for International Settlements
Nov 12, 2015 ... It is both a great pleasure and an honour to have been asked to give this ... More specifically, I would like to revisit and question three .... frameworks used to define and measure the natural rate concept – .... coined by Koo (2003). ..... Rogoff, K (2015): “Debt supercycle, not secular stagnation”, article on ...

Download - First Allied
various cycles depending on the level of their sophistication.1 These endowments ... and delay painful debt restructuring. ... thus far been disappointed . ... be found in the Endowment Model, a term coined to .... You can think of the Steady Allocation like a recipe that .... super endowments have been leaders in identifying the.

Stagnation policy and Minsky super-cycle
Sep 30, 2016 ... notion of secular stagnation, a concept which was invented by Alvin Hansen following ... Good, 2016), debt super-cycles and Minsky super-cycles (Palley, 2011). .... Back then, like now, the debate was very US-centered. ..... European institutions (led by the European Commission) have been implementing ...

Instability of Interest Bearing Debt Finance and the Islamic - IRTI
Nov 2, 2015 ... Evidence has been mounting that the interest-based debt financing regime is ... debts into unmanageable and unsustainable super cycles. .... Similar doubts about the sustainability of a system based on the interest bearing ... This phenomenon has been coined as “financial decoupling” or “financialization” ...

CRISES Paul Krugman, January 2010 - Princeton University
to say that I invented currency crises – not the thing itself, which goes back to the invention of ... crises we actually have been experiencing and what those of us in the .... There were already economic models like this, albeit of very recent vintage – and not exactly ... super smart speculators and super stupid governments.

Managing Technical Debt in Software-Reliant Systems
D.2.9 [Software Engineering] Management—life cycle, productivity. General ... Cunningham coined the technical debt metaphor in his 1992. OOPSLA ... To date , technical debt has been used as a metaphor and rhetorical ... The technical debt concept is ... The metaphor highlights that, like financial debt, technical debt.

Download PDF - Bruegel
years has been the fall in inflation and inflation expectations. .... very useful to introduce the concept of the 'neutral rate of interest' (also called the natural .... similar method, estimated time-varying national natural rates of interest for each of the euro ..... environment could more simply be the result of the “debt super- cycle”.

View - FASB
Fair value accounting as implemented amplifies business cycles and seems to ... MTM standards as implemented and proposed amplify price changes that lead to super ... compromised as paper gains infiltrated our accounting concept of equity. ... Could MTM rules have been the main reason risk and leverage increased to ...

3 The Coming Dark Age and the Collapse of - Dragon Dreaming
Mar 24, 2014 ... questions, are in reality like the Titanic, merely some kind of .... The term “ Economic Development” was coined by Harry Truman in the ... Since Adam Smith this process has been equated to “the wealth of nations”. ... super rich nations and the majority world of the poor, a ratio which ...... Mortgage debt rises.

Survival of the Interest Rate Based Debt Financing System
Evidence has been mounting (over the centuries) that the interest based .... Section three will discuss the concept of complexity and the need for a shift .... He claimed (similar to Mandelbrot) that the assumptions of .... Krugman (1988) coined the term ... Game” have described the present situation as a debt super cycle'; ...

Why Growth in Emerging Economies Is Likely to Fall - Peterson
Anders Åslund has been senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for ... pursue similar economic policies, have similar capital and resource ... The BRIC concept was invented by Jim O'Neill at Goldman Sachs in 2001 as a marketing devise. ..... Ed Morse of Citibank is the current lead writer on the commodity supercycle in his  ...

CWPE1539 - Faculty of Economics - University of Cambridge
Dec 8, 2015 ... peculiar ideas behind super-accommodative monetary policy; but the ... Closer regulatory scrutiny worldwide, therefore, should have been an ... like to thank Geoff Harcourt, Alan Hughes, Jonathan Di John, ... of debt are (so far) easily financed, including huge public sector ..... commodity price super-cycle).

Cost of Service Regulation in the Investor-Owned Electric - EEI
The concept of the ―Regulatory Compact‖ recognized a set of mutual rights, ... cost of debt and equity capital. ... shocks negate these assumed conditions, regulators have been required to search for pragmatic policy ..... an alternative use with similar risk; customers will only accept utility rates if they perceive that the rates.

Jul 19, 2011 ... Specific country risk concentrations have been generated from the system. .... of cooperative strategies with like-minded investment organizations. .... debt. The term Debt Supercycle was coined by BCA to describe the process behind .... The concept of the Euro was introduced in 1999 for accounting and ...

Economic decision making: application of the theory of complex
Apr 13, 2013 ... financial applications: about debt and risk management. ... Financial markets and financial time series have been of special inter- ... Therefore, many scientists like physicists, math- .... between social and natural sciences is that the latter has super- ..... It opposes two-hundred-year old concept (cf. for ex-.

Business risks facing mining and metals 2014–2015 - EY
Jun 25, 2013 ... quest for growth during the supercycle has ... to soften, margins have been cut and there is nowhere else to look for ..... to have a social license to operate now that the concept has ..... like the economies of many developed ... Refinancing existing debt to push out ..... coined by Jim Cooney with specific.

Does Central Bank Independence Frustrate the Optimal Fiscal
Mar 26, 2012 ... 2 The word “fiscal austerians” was coined by Rob Parenteau. ... The concept of fiscal-monetary cooperation also defies orthodoxies but, in the topsy-turvy world of ... Historically, fiscal-monetary cooperation has been typically imposed on central .... Fed and in the context of the U.S.'s private debt super-cycle.

Latin America's Mounting Economic Challenges - Rice University's
Oct 17, 2014 ... The possible unwinding of the super-cycle in commodity ... coined to contrast it to the “lost decade” of ... education and health has not been matched ... FIgURE 2 — EXTERnAl DEBT AS % OF gDP AT 2000 PARITY ... Indeed, investment ratios are similar to the .... sector strategies” to the older concept of.

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