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August 12th, 2015
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Pond Life
Connections. Tertiary. Consumers. Secondary. Consumers. Primary. Consumers. Producers. Pond. Connections. Tertiary. Consumers. Secondary. Consumers.

species cards for lesson 12 - Downeast Institute
If it eats secondary consumers it is a tertiary consumer ... or 4 zooplankton to 1 other species as you choose from the following list and adapt the food chain ...
L 12 worksheet species cards & ratio.pdf

A marine food web - Life Adrift
Zooplankton (primary consumers). \ Fish (secondary consumers) bKj 9. Whales and basking sharks (secondary consumers). Seals and dolphins (tertiary or.

Food Webs - New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Frogs can be secondary consumers, because they eat insects .... As a tertiary consumer, list three animals from the center spread that a smallmouth bass eats. 3.

Wetland Wonders
Tertiary consumers are organisms that eat primary and secondary consumers. ... List the biotic and abiotic factors in a Wisconsin wetland. 3) Using the list of ...

Food Chain Gang - NPS
meat eaters), including raccoons and opossums, are secondary consumers. ... alligators, and raptors are tertiary consumers. Procedure. 1. ... Food Chain List.

shenandoah national park - National Park Service
Carnivores are considered secondary consumers because they eat other .... list of animals (consumers) that use green plants (producers) as their food. Introduce.

LESSON- Cedar Glade Food Web
Using the Cedar Glade Species List, select at least 10 organisms to put on your web. ... secondary and tertiary consumers in the next two levels. (*example.
16_Foldable Cedar Glade Food Web.pdf

What's for Lunch - GloFish
fish is a primary consumer, and the cichlid is a secondary consumer. These organisms ... List all of the macroscopic living organisms you observe. Be sure to  ...

Creating Chains and Webs to Model Ecological - HHMI's BioInteractive
Students will identify producers and consumers in the savanna ... consumer, tertiary consumer, quaternary consumer, rule of 10 percent .... (list the title).

Mammal Food Webs - Purdue Extension - Purdue University
List the different trophic levels within a food web. .... “consumer” by asking students what they had for dinner. ... Tertiary consumers feed upon both primary.
FNR-418 Unit 2 Food Web10.pdf

Know Your Estuary
prey upon the primary consumers for their energy. Tertiary consumers (usually large fish, and birds) prey upon secondary consumers for their energy. Finally,.

Life is Weird! - NOAA Ocean Explorer
communities, and list at least five organisms typical of these communities. .... trophic levels (primary producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, and ...

Study guide - Trophic Levels
Sep 18, 2001 ... lioness which does most of the hunting) are secondary consumers or .... sorts of fat, although I'm sure the researchers could get a long list of ...

Indian River Lagoon Activity Book - Orange County Water Atlas
Animals that eat secondary consumers are called tertiary consumers. ... you can make using a list of plants and animals found in the Indian River Lagoon.

Keys and Webs
tertiary consumer: carnivore that feeds on other carnivores. ▫ food web: a ... The following is a list of a few organisms found in the Rocky Mountain Ecosystem.

5 Ecosystems — flow of energy and matter - Wiley
described as secondary or tertiary consumers in food chains or webs. Humans are ..... 5 (a) List five biotic factors that are part of the ecosystem in which you live.

Strychnine - US Forest Service
Aug 9, 2004 ... LIST OF FIGURES ... LIST OF APPENDICES ................................................................. .............................................. ...... Tertiary Consumers, Mammals .

List and describe the different trophic levels in ecosystems. ... List the steps of the nitrogen cycle. ... Secondary consumers get their energy from primary.

Activity 1.5: Leaf Litter Ecology Lab - Chicago Botanic Garden
Level 4: Carnivores that eat other carnivores are called tertiary consumers. Level 5: Apex .... A list of helpful websites for insect identification is provided at the ...

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