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December 21st, 2015
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Study of thin oxidation films on iron alloys by Raman spectroscopy
Study of thin oxidation films on iron alloys by Raman spectroscopy ..... lnter[ace Anal ,12 (1988) 419 3 J M Malezleux and B PlrlOU, Bull Mmeral, 111 (1988) 649  ...

Transformations in the Fe – N system | SpringerLink
Jan 4, 2011 ... O. Eisenhut and E. Kaupp, “The system iron-nitrogen from x-ray ... H. A. Wriedt, N. A. Gokcen, and R. H. Nafziger, “The Fe – N (iron-nitrogen) system,” Bull. ... D. M. Borsa, Nitride-Based Insulating and Magnetic Thin Films and ...

Preparation of an iron-nitride film from a molecular tetrairon nitrido
precursor for the production of thin films that contain amorphous iron nitride phases. Films 300-500 A ... preparation of iron nitride films from a preassembled,.

Preparation and Characterization of Iron(III) Oxide Films by an Novel
Dec 21, 1990 ... Films of iron oxide of approximately 2500 A thickness have been .... Bull. 13. J. D. Reedy, U.S. Patent No. 3,946,057, March 23, 1976. 14.

Air Stable, Photosensitive, Phase Pure Iron Pyrite Nanocrystal Thin
Sep 20, 2011 ... films is as high as that for single crystal silicon.3 Iron pyrite has the ... the thin film with stable surface and correlated desired electronic ..... Bull. 2009, 44 (2),. 462– 467. (27) Alivisatos, A. P.; Li, L. S.; Hu, J. T.; Yang, W. D.Nano ...
2011 pyrite synthesis.pdf

Role of surface passive films in the hydrogen embrittlement of iron
Role of surface passive films in the hydrogen embrittlement of iron aluminides. Authors ... Cite this article as: Agarwal, A. & Balasubramaniam, R. Bull. Mater. Sci.

Characterization of iron in surface films of some natural waters using
Floating, iron bearing films have been observed in a wide range of environments, ... Key words: surface film, natural water, wetlands, iron, ferrihydrite, EXAFS ...... Bull. 1996, 31, 141-146. 2.889, 2.961, 3.352, 3.692 Å. Yu, S.-C.; Lee, J.-S.; Tung,  ...

The Frictional Behavior of Thin Halide Films on Iron
Friction Testing; Solid Lubrication; Iron; Film Thickness; Con- tact of Rough ... strongly on the clean iron surface, but not on the halide (Gao, et al. (18), (19)). ...... Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Melbourne (Bull. 145), p 23.

AtmosphericPressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Iron Pyrite Thin
and uniform polycrystalline pyrite thin films are fabricated on glass and ... thick pyrite films using iron(III) acetylacetonate [Fe(acac) 3],. TBDS ...... S. Fiechter , R. Könenkamp , M. Kunst ,. W. Jaegermann , H. Tributsch , Mater. Res. Bull. 1986, 21 ...
Atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition of iron pyrite thin films.pdf

Texture evolution in nanocrystalline iron films deposited using
on the iron film for each of the TEM specimens prepared. III. Results ..... nanocrystalline diamond thin films for MEMS/NEMS applications, MRS Bull. 35 ( 2010) ...

Arc Vapour Deposition of Iron Film during Magnetron Sputtering of Ti
May 27, 2015 ... Sputtering of Ti Film: Effect of Substrate's Materials and ... Scanning electron microscopy shows thicker iron films were deposited on the conductive aluminium ..... N. Arshi, J. Lu, C. Lee, J. Yoon, B. Koo and F. Ahmed, Bull.

Mechanistic Study of the Effect of Iron Sulfide - Ohio University
issues associated with formation and growth of an iron sulfide layer. However, long ... a very thin inner iron sulfide film of mackinawite is first formed via a chemisorption process, i.e., by a ...... Protecting Materials against Corrosion,” MRS Bull.

Pyrite Films Grown by Sulfurizing Precursive Iron of Different
Precursive iron films with different grain sizes were prepared by magnetron sputtering ... iron films. The pyrite films are composed of a surface layer with coarse ..... Bull.,. 2003, 38, 941. [18] H. Dahman, M. Khalifa, M. Brunel and B. Rezig: Thin.

Copper and iron based thin film nanocomposites prepared by - Hal
Sep 20, 2014 ... to obtain the required copper and iron based oxide thin film ...... Yakubi A, Tanaka S (2011) Mater Res Bull 46:2323. 17. Mugnier E, Barnabé A, ...

Metal-Depositing Bacteria and the Distribution of Manganese - JStor
Bull. (Stockholm) 35:367-376. Metal-Depositing Bacteria and the Distribution of ... Manganese- and iron-depositing bacteria in surface films of anoxic swamp ...

Electrochemical behaviour of self-assembly multilayer films based
Nov 4, 2009 ... thickness of the multilayer films, if the outermost layer is negatively charged. Additionally .... Thin multilayer films of iron-substituted Keggin polyoxometalates ..... Bull. 43 (2008). 2880. [23] L. Cheng, J. Liu, S. Dong, Anal. Chim.

Preparation of Iron Nanoparticles in Cellulose Acetate - CiteSeerX
772 Bull. Korean Chem. Soc. 2001, Vol. 22, No. 7. Notes. Preparation of Iron Nanoparticles in Cellulose ... acetate films (metal complex concentration: 5-20 wt.

Iron pyrite nanocrystal film serves as a copper-free back contact for
Keywords: Iron pyrite. Cadmium telluride. Back contact. Thin film. Solar cell ... nanocrystal (NC)-based thin films yield excellent performance as a low barrier ...

Horace Bull Thesis - SUNY
films of varying thicknesses between 0.6 nm and 3.2 nm is reported. ..... However, in materials such as iron, cobalt and nickel, the 3d shell is partially filed (see.

Superconducting Fe1+Se1-xTex thin films: Growth -
Thin films of Fe1+ Se1-xTex ( ~ 0.18 & x ~ 0.5) have been successfully grown on ( 100) oriented ... characterization of thin films of the superconducting iron chalcogenide pseudo-binary system Fe1+ Se1- ..... H. Okamoto, L. E. Tanner, Bull.

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