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May 18th, 2015
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Integrated Circuit Control of Resonant and Hard Switched dc/dc
Integrated Circuit Control of Resonant and Hard Switched dc/dc Converters for Industrial and Educational Applications by. Victor Samuel Sinow. Submitted to the ...

An introduction to LLC resonant half-bridge converter
Sep 15, 2008 ... Q2 gate voltage at turn-on: with hard-switching (no ZVS) . .... converters are switching converters that include a tank circuit actively participating ... As shown in Figure 2, a resonant DC-DC converter able to provide ...... subject to its di/dt, which may damage any control IC coupled to the half-bridge leg, not to.

Design of Resonant Half-Bridge converter using IRS2795 - Infineon
IRS2795(1,2) Control IC ... Figure 3: Typical schematic of a DC-DC half-bridge resonant converter ... turn-on of the two switches is hard switching (none ZVS).

dc buck converter with integrated inductor is presented. The converter has ... 2.1 Hard Switching and Soft Switching Background. 2.2 Resonant ... Equivalent circuit of ZVS buck converter in operational cycle. Summary of .... new soft- switched converters usually utilize the resonance in a controlled manner. Resonance is ...

Design and Control of a Modular Resonant DC-DC - CU Scholar
Design and Control of a Modular Resonant DC-DC Converter for Point-of-Load ..... 5.2 Components list of the active clamp LLC converter used for IC test . ... 1.8 Switching loss in a buck converter caused by (a) hard-switched turn-on of Q1 and .

A High Efficiency Low-Voltage Soft Switching DC–DC Converter for
frequency modulation (PFM) control is more efficient for the same cases. Switching losses ... design of a soft-switching DC-DC buck converter in a 90-nm CMOS ... supply voltage of integrated circuits have been ... is utilized to charge the resonant capacitor during the ..... PFM control and hard switching; output voltage ripple.

Quasi-Resonant Full-Wave Zero-Current Switching Buck Converter
The converter control uses with zero-current switching (ZCS) ... integrated resonant mode power supply controller. ... performance of conventional hard switching PWM DC-DC ... The placed resonant circuit between output filter and input.

Zero Voltage Switching Resonant Power - Texas Instruments
The technique of zero voltage switching in modern power ... are presented: a 50 Watt DC/DC converter, and an off-line 300 Watt .... w A more sophisticated control circuit may be required ...... Control IC Regulates Off-Line 150 Watt. Converter ...

study of soft switching boost converter using an auxiliary resonant
3.2 Circuit diagram of Boost Converter with Auxiliary Resonant Circuit. 23 ... 2.1. Hard Switching DC-DC Converter Topologies. 16 ... IC. -. Integrated Circuit .... AC -DC converter (Phase controlled Rectifiers)- It converts constant AC voltage to.

and Resonant-based Converters Fully Integrated in CMOS - Hal
Oct 21, 2015 ... structure in hard-switching conditions is detailed and the analytical ... The control ... integration of a DC-DC converter for chip-scale power.

Power Solutions - Fairchild
Primary. Secondary. Bulk DC. Voltage. Primary. MOSFET. Switches. Output. Rectifier ...... to 5dB, when compared to conventional hard-switching topologies. .... frequency-modulation (PFM) controller with a high voltage gate driver circuit and two fast recovery ... Highly integrated up to 450W half-bridge resonant power switch.

A high efficiency, soft switching dc-dc converter with - By Gabriel
Abstract— A novel control scheme for improving the power efficiency of low- voltage DC-DC converters for battery-powered, ... The authors are with the Georgia Tech Analog & Power IC Design Lab, .... hopping back to hard switching, asynchronous DCM, since the ... converter, an auxiliary NMOS switch (S1), a resonant.

One-Quadrant Switched-Mode Power Converters
Jul 6, 2016 ... the principle of control of switched-mode power converters. 2 ... The current iC causes a small voltage ripple in the DC output voltage VO.

Two Resonant Topologies for Isolated Bi-Directional DC-DC
Oct 30, 2015 ... thesis introduces two types of bi-directional dc-dc resonant ... As a result of the reduced currents lower rated switching devices may be used, ... 2.2 CDAB Converter Control . ...... IBDC isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter. IC integrated circuit ..... significant because there was hard switching of the diagonal ...

Switch−Mode Power Supply Reference Manual - ON Semiconductor
115 Vac or 230 Vac power to some dc voltage for powering the electronics. The availability of design and application information and highly integrated semiconductor control ICs for switching power supplies allows the designer to .... Quasi−Resonant Topologies. 30 ... circuit design tips, and information on how to select the.

Soft and Hard Switchings, Electromagnetic Interference and Cooling
Switching frequencies vary from 50 Hz in a SCR based AC-DC Phase ... A converter consists of a few controlled and a few uncontrolled devices (diodes). ... where Ic is the current carried by the device and Vce(sat)(Ic) is the current ..... Qs# 3 Are resonant converters superior to the hard switched converter on all counts?
L-8(SSG)(PE) ((EE)NPTEL).pdf

Product datasheet - alpitronic
integrated ARCP resonant circuit is a half bridge module ... switches. No additional control efforts in comparison to hard switching half ... DC collector current.

Design and Evaluation of a Very High Frequency dc/dc Converter
(From Principles of Rectifier Circuits,. Prince and ... Integration. ❑ Performance ... Hard G ating. Switching Frequency Limitations. ▫ Loss mechanisms in conventional power electronics ... ZVS switching / resonant gating constrain control.
Invited Talk S5x2 - David Perreault - Architectures, Topologies and Design Methods for Miniaturized VHF Power Converters.pdf

Fundamental Considerations for Very High Frequency - PwrSoC
Class E dc-dc converter—history and circuit variations. ○ Control/regulation ... Multiphase evenly interleaved hard-switching converters operating with ... of realizing the converter on chip ... ZVS resonant converter, typically Class E based . ◇ Single .... Vernier regulated cell architecture (on-off controlled cells plus low- power.
Invited Talk S1x5- Richard Redl - Fundamental considerations for very high frequency power conversion.pdf

A 10-MHz Isolated Synchronous Class-Φ2 Resonant - IEEE Xplore
The proposed RGD also generates a tunable dc bias to increase the peak gate voltage and extend ... verter, level-shift, multimegahertz, ON–OFF control, resonant gate driver ... power IC solution due to the difficulty of the integration of the. Manuscript ... needs additional drive circuit (a CMOS hard-switched inverter driver).

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