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January 25th, 2016
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How do whales eat? Summary Objectives Materials (one per group
A Humpback eats a ton of plankton (literally) to get the ... toothed whales) and experiment with the different feeding strategies. .... How much do whales eat? 5.

Lesson 7: How do whales eat?
rice! Baleen whales may also eat small fish, which swim in large schools. ... Odontocetes or toothed whales do not have baleen to help them filter food out of the.

Content will be focused on how whales and dolphins are adapted to the marine environment, the differences ... Depending on the species, mysticetes also eat.

Kids' Times: Blue Whale - NOAA Fisheries
are three types of Blue whales: the northern hemisphere blue ... Adult blue whales weigh approximately 360,000 lbs. ... a coarse fringe (see “What do they eat?”).

Whales eat fish? - Lenfest Ocean Program
especially in the Caribbean waters where baleen whales generally do not feed. In this article, we .... 'Whales eat fish' issue in the Caribbean L Morissette et al. 2.

Whales eat fish? - Gerber Lab - Arizona State University
referred to as the 'whales eat fish' conflict, culling whales has been proposed ... especially in the Caribbean waters where baleen whales generally do not feed.

All about Whales
The kinds of Whales that do not have teeth are called baleen ... Killer whales. (oi- cas) can eat 500 pounds ot`t`ood a day. Orcas eat bony fish, shark, rays and 50 ...

Whales Eat Fish
Are whales eating too many fish, revisited. .... mammals and fisheries do occur, we show that the conflation of marine mammal food consumption and human ...

Did You Know - Penguin Science
2. The diet of Adelie Penguins changes when whales are present because the whales eat the same thing but eat much more than do the penguins. 3.

Baleen whales vs. toothed whales - Aquarium of the Pacific
What does he eat to be that big? Did you know that the biggest animal on earth, the blue whale has no teeth in his mouth? What could he eat without teeth?

Gray Whales: The Monumental Migration
Gray whales migrate each fall to mate and give birth. ... Why Do Gray Whales Migrate? Gray Whale ... Except for babies, gray whales eat lit- tle or nothing during ...

Whale Traveling Trunk - National Park Service
They eat great amounts of food for energy. Some whales avoid cold water while others, like the beluga whale, live all year in cold waters. How do whales ...
Whale traveling trunk curriculum guide.pdf

6th-8th Grade Whale Watching Adventure Packet - Newport Landing
Whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions are marine mammals. Whales and dolphins .... What do whales eat and do they drink sea water? There are two different ...

Whales - National Aquarium
orca, or killer whale, eats larger fish and small marine ... Using this method, whales can eat larger plankton ... Unlike people, who do not consciously breathe  ...

Whales & Fisheries
squid (Teuthoidea).16 Some whales do eat fish but many of the species eaten - whether invertebrate or fish - are of no current interest to commercial fishermen.

Gray Whale - Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) are found in the North Pacific Ocean and adjacent waters of the ... Gray whales eat primarily amphipod crustaceans.

Who's Eating All the Fish? - Humane Society International
fish resources; that efforts to protect these whales from extinction have led marine ... however, do not benefit from the confusion that the “whales-eat- our-fish” ...

Download PDF copy - Cascadia Research Collective
Killer Whales are well—known as predators of other marine mammals, including the ...... Do Killer Whales always eat the prey they've killed? Surplus killing is ...

Biodiversity: The Food Chain
zooplankton, are what baleen whales eat. The blue whale .... About how many krill do you think the blue whale needs to eat each day to keep its stomach full? 8.

The Great Whales - Marine Mammal Institute - Oregon State University
Activity 2: Are Whales Mammals? .... of the great whales. The protection of whales has moved well beyond ending commercial whaling. ...... Do Whales Eat?

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