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February 9th, 2016
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All About the Gas Giants - Lunar and Planetary Institute - USRA
"Jovian planet" refers to the Roman god Jupiter and was intended to indicate ... Unlike rocky planets, gas giants do not have a well-defined surface – there is.

Formation of Giant Planets
toplanetary disks provide constraints on the formation of gas giant planets. The four largest planets in our Solar .... ture, these definitions are used in this chapter:.

Formation of Giant Planets
In the disk instability model, a self- gravitating sphere of gas forms ... Giant planets are often defined as those bodies that are mostly hydrogen but are distin- .

Jan 16, 2006 ... accepted or clear definition of what a planet is, and both scientists and the ... group of (gas giant) exoplanets (well over 100 at this point) were ...

What Is a Planet? - JPL - NASA
Defining the term planet is important, because such definitions reflect our ... ( Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars), or the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn), or the ice giants  ...

Lecture 21: Planet formation III. Planet-disk interactions
Definition of a planet ... The core accretion model for gas giant formation rests on one assumption: a ... The rate of growth is “supply-limited” and defined by.

The disk instability model for giant planet formation
Stage 2; Once solid core large enough runaway gas accretion begins. ... Gas patch in protoplanetary disk collapses directly into gas giant planet (1 Jupiter .... Definition : final mass of planet is the mass of the protoplanet after “second” core.

Solar and Extrasolar Planet Taxonomy -
Keywords: Extra-solar planets; Jovian Planets; Planetary dynamics; Satellites, ... The problem with the IAU planet definition is not that the dynamical distinction ...

Planet Categorization & Planetary Science: Coming of Age - STScI
Their surfaces are solid—again, like the terrestrial planets. ❑ They are .... The “ Geophysical Planet Definition” (GPD) says a planet is. 1. A celestial body that: has ...

Irregular Satellites in the Context of Planet Formation
Keywords: satellites, Kuiper Belt, gas giant, ice giant, planet formation. 1. ... asteroid vs. comet) a single definition of the term “irregular satellite” is not agreed.

Exploring the emergence of habitable worlds around gas giants
gas giant planets through time. ... planet formation and the emergence of life? ... the US Co-Lead of the Joint Science Definition Team for EJSM-Laplace. It was a  ...

planet - National Geographic Society
terrestrial planets. These planets are solid and rocky like Earth (terra means. “ earth” in Latin). Earth is the largest of the four terrestrial planets, and Mercury is.

Planet formation
Dec 19, 2012 ... Terrestrial Planets: Collisional growth between protoplanets ... Definition of the International Astronomical Union (2006): A celestial body that is.

Astronomy of extrasolar planetary systems
Course layout - methods. • Introduction and history of searches for planets. • Doppler ... planet definition of a body of mass ... at the time of gas giant formation.

Giant planet and brown dwarf formation
Jan 29, 2014 ... ... planet formation. Consequently, we argue that the IAU definition to distinguish ... jovian planets, both in the field and in cluster associations,.

Planet formation with envelope enrichment: new insights on
Sep 6, 2016 ... and gas giants with sub-solar envelope metallicities. We find good agreement ... the heavy elements are not initially concentrated in well-defined core. ... respect to stellar values during the formation of a giant planet has been ...

The Structure of Exoplanets -
Dec 11, 2013 ... the skin of a grapefruit, and is typically defined as the re- gion above the ... Gas- giant planets of roughly Jupiter's mass occupy a spe- cial region ...

The Interior Structure, Composition, and Evolution of Giant Planets
planets. Jupiter and Saturn, our solar system's gas giants, combine to make up 92% of the .... temperatures by addition of a fitting term Ffit in the total free energy.

astro-ph/0703237 PDF -
planet mass, disk mass, and metallicity for formation of gas giants. The .... The core isolation mass is defined as the total mass of the planetesimals existing in the ...

Pluto and the 'Planet Problem': Folk Concepts - MIT Press Journals
planet, and c) many of those definitions include historical and/or relational properties. ..... siderably less hydrogen and helium gases than the other giant planets.

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